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Fun at the courthouse


I went to the county courthouse today to get a plat of my property and I was dismayed to find out that I *DO* own the big patch of weeds behind the driveway. I’m glad I found this out after three years of homeownership. I did however meet a very nice lady who showed me how to get my plat because I am dumb and looked it up under my husband’s name (there’s a million of him) but not my name (probably less than a million of me). It’s still confusing though, and I don’t think I know how to do the degree lines standing out in the street:

Also, the best part about going was the bathrooms at the courthouse. Again, I’m always amazed at state of the art bathroom experiences. Of course, automatic flush toilets, but also auto matic soap dispenser, water faucet and paper towel dispenser. The water came out nice and WARM not ice cold. And, even though the bathroom was clean, they still had the seat protectors. It always seems that the places that are the cleanest have the seat protectors and the places that you need them the most do not.

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