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Junk Art Week! #2


Here is a picture of my room. Let’s go over it starting from the upper left hand corner and going across the room to the right, shall we?

Stereo speaker, tv on a tv stand. The middle shelf has books like Sylvia Plath book and Dracula, and other unidentified things. I think there might be a VCR there because my “Stuff I Taped” tape is clearly visible. On the shelf below are what looks to be some more vhs tapes and books such as yearbooks, UFO Mysteries, The Cat in the Hat (which was actually El Gato Con Sombrero; I loved spanish childrens books), my dream dictionary, We Don’t Die, what appears to be a Greater Nashville, TN phonebook, a GTE book of some sort and a photo album.

In front of the TV stand, there appears to be a lot of trash, some crumpled up wads of paper that missed the wastebasket (to the right of the tv stand), maybe a potato chip bag, a coaster (which does a LOT of good on the carpeted floor) and two things that look like they say “seneca” on them. WTF is seneca? I don’t think it’s the apple juice.

In the foreground to the right of that mess is my floor lamp with one of those fluorescent light bulbs and no shade. I got more light that way.

Behind the lamp is something I can’t identify; it looks like luggage. Maybe I’m running away at the age of 17? I did give away a suitcase so maybe that’s what it was. To the right of that is my dresser with the bottom two drawers open and a file box of junk on top. Of course there is also an empty laundry basket in front of it, which never seemed to be used to put dirty clothes in.

The door is way behind the tv stand and I was sitting on the bed when I drew the picture.

I had a lot of free time back then, as I do now.

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