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So I’m a blog lurker reader type person. I will totally read your blog in some creepy voyeuristic manner and then not comment. I always feel kind of stupid and creepy since it is a little creepy to read about someone’s life that you a) don’t know or b) didn’t need to know that much information. But it’s like tv: sometimes you just can’t help yourself. I came across the idea of 10-4 in joelogon’s Dumb Things I Have Done Lately blog and I think it was a pretty fancy idea. So I left him a message. But no one else’s blog has updated anytime recently so that would be super weird to comment now. But I’ll remember for next year. Leave me a comment if you feel like it. But you don’t have to. Really, you don’t. I won’t be hurt.

But if you wanted to leave me a comment, then that would be cool, too.

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