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more nature ‘n shit


So there is a squirrel that has been frequenting my front yard. He’s cute and young looking. It amused me to no end watching him dig and root around and such. So I took a picture of him from inside my house.

And yeah, I know, you’ve seen a squirrel before. I’ve seen a squirrel before. I don’t care. He was cute.

2 thoughts on “more nature ‘n shit

  1. bazoo42

    young schmong
    the squirrel *may* be young looking, but you never know until you check it’s ID.
    i bought some cigarettes for a coworker i was taking home the other day (because my passenger door is broken – i had to get out the car anyway just to let her out) and i was carded. not as cool as being carded for a rated R movie, but i take joy where i find it lol.

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