I’m a nerd

Here are two doodles I found in the past few days:

This first one I found in a stack of work papers. Apparently I *did* have some downtime at my last job:

This is Mr. Dinogator, Esq. Proprietor of jewels, silks, perfumes, and fine furniture. I was day dreaming while having a Warcraft Guild discussion.

I am such a nerd.

2 Comments on “I’m a nerd

  1. OMFGTSFILMAOLOLOLKIKYOYLOO you are the nerdiest of nerds!
    now, i’m off to find some ouran host club fanfics.
    lol, j/k.
    (no i’m not… shaz!)

    • You’re just jealous that YOU aren’t Mr. Dinogator. He’s awesome and I bet he has more money than both of us combined. Not that that’s too hard…

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