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Misc Post #5



And I know it’s a goddamn fucking possum, sorry I wan’t fucking clear. So much for having my picture saved as “POSSUM” on my hard drive. From my myspace page:

“I am also interested in trying to feed every stray in the neighborhood, which unfortunately draws 20lb racoons and beatty eyed possums up to the deck. Fucking nature.”

Also, it says below that I was getting some unwanted guests (colon) with the picture right after. The next line says “There was also a fatass raccoon out there, too.” as in IN ADDITION TO THE POSSUM PICTURED ABOVE.


I have been feeding a stray cat outside for a while now. He’s (or she, I can’t get close enough to tell) very cute but timid and always runs away.

Unfortunately, due to some changes in his behavior, I’ve been less inclined to feed him. I worry he’s got rabies or something because lately he’s been hissing and not running away. And then some days he’s timid and scared like normal. I can’t help but feed him though. And animal control won’t come and get him (I’d have to capture him myself, which is dumb).

I used to just fill up the automatic feeder but we were getting unwanted guests:

There was also a fatass raccoon out there, too. But now I just give the cat a cup of food on a paper plate when I see him. I will probably have to stop feeding him soon, the further along I get in my pregnancy and since the deck is so dangerously soft and unsafe to even walk on. Poor kitty.

By the way, I’m writing from the future since I will be gone for the holiday. Have a great Labor Day weekend all!

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