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spendy spendy


I have gone on a pre-birthday shopping spree and acquired many new treasures:

1. Two new interestingly shaped vases. They are acutally quite heavy. Like Mo said, it’s kind of weird to buy vases when you never get flowers, but I will remedy that myself.

2. One new awesome screen. This was the big purchase. I don’t know where I will put it yet, but I had to have it.

3. One new bar set (tray, champagne bucket, shaker). I can’t remember the last time I was in need of a shaker. Or had champagne. Or put things on a tray. But it was so cool and I thought it would look good in one of the guest rooms that I have yet to paint or furnish.

I also saw a terribly horrifying thing that almost made me cry at the store. I am so easily freaked out. This is a terrible picture by the way. I was trembling. Not really but I was way close with my camera phone :P

This moth was totally camoflaged on a really pretty jeweled and beaded box. I stayed away from them after that. Scary!

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