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Like Toothbrushes and Tennis Shoes


So I’m really hating the trend that toothbrushes, tennis shoes and now cars are going in. Let’s get a bold color and then put some ugly rubbery plastic shit over it and add a bunch of accessories that are neither useful or attractive. Then let’s sell it for more money than it’s worth. Por ejemplo:

There truly are too many ugly tennis shoes to put on here. But seriously, you’re supposed to brush your teeth for what, one minute, three times a day? Two minutes, three times a day? So you need ergonomic support and extra control for the six minutes max time you use your toothbrush? Give me a fucking break.

One thought on “Like Toothbrushes and Tennis Shoes

  1. bazoo42

    i have that toothbrush and i love it >< it makes my teeth feel so much… smoother… or something. polished? is that the word i'm looking for? lol i dunno.
    but i agree… too many multiple colors. whatever happened to just plain ol’ black tennis shoes?

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