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Colonial Park Cemetery


A quick run down of the history of this cemetery:

The cemetery is home to somewhere between 10,000-12,000 graves but only about 600 headstones still remain standing. When Gen. Sherman marched into Savannah, his troops needed a campground so they set up in the cemetery, moving and knocking down headstones for tents and horses. They emptied out crypts and threw the bodies into the snow so they’d have shelter from the winter. And some of the grave markers were altered by the soldiers as in this picture:

If you notice, Mr. Muir was 11 when he died, his wife was 17 when she died and their son was 12 when he died. (Father and son died in the same year according to the stone.)

The stones that were removed were lined up against the back brick wall as shown above (paid for by George Washington for a cool $200). Here’s a few of my favorite pictures:

And one of my favorite-favorites:

And I almost forgot: When Savannah needed to expand the street, they just paved over the cemetery. So 30 feet of street is actually on top of people. But then again, the city is built on its dead…

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