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So my parents have gone backwards a little bit on the immigrant scale. They came over as professionals (civil engineer and a registered nurse), legally, back in the 70’s.

Now they’re slowly becoming farmers who are illegally keeping chickens inside city limits. Specifically in their back porch (now they’re in the back yard at least).

This is a picture of their Tom turkey. The female is sitting on her eggs, so she didn’t want to be photographed. This is out at their country home. The “cabin” which went from 900 sq ft to over 3000 sq ft.

This photo also taken with the ol’ cell phone camera.

Miscellaneous things I could not catch with my cell phone on my trip to and from Illinois:
a truck labeled “Live Bees”
a genuine pee jug
two deer making a beeline for my car (I didn’t hit them, they saw how fast I was coming at them and decided not to cross…and did you see how I used the term ‘beeline’ after I used the term ‘bee’ moments before?)
a flea market advertising “camoflange” clothing
a boat being towed on the highway. The boat’s name was “Play Bouy”. It made me laugh out loud.

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