Picture a day?

This is the first picture in what could possibly be a picture a day photo journal of whatever strikes my fancy. This may turn into a photo a week or a photo a month as per my discretion. I really need to use the camera in my cell phone more and my regular digital camera even more. So maybe this will do it.

Oh, I almost forgot, this is my lunch from yesterday. It’s Ramen noodle (chicken) with an egg cooked in it. This is just how we grew up, so it’s not weird to me, and I really like it. I will also put a hot dog in it from time to time. The most bizarre product that we’ve made might be Ramen noodles, cooked with the packet and then drained, then mixed with peanut butter. If I make that anytime soon, I’ll post it here.

6 Comments on “Picture a day?

    You also used to think that eggrolls were gross, too. Once I make you eat the peanut butter and Ramen, you will love it.

      99% of most eggrolls ARE gross. now go make me some chicken and gravy with witch hats cake for dessert.

  2. Ramen & egg
    I do the same thing, but with less water, so that the egg binds to the noodles. Taste good. A friend from Thailand taught me that. Won’t ever go back to the normal way again… –Tas.

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