UPDATE:  Dammit, no embedding.  See the video here.

So I’m just derping along, and happy to find a full episode of Ouran High School Host Club on YouTube.  Yay, the beach episode!  Haha so funny, yay!  Goofing off, yay!  Then it tricked me into having feelings and well now, crap.

Starting at 20:04


I’m all right.  I always get through it by doing this.


Always…Always, by yourself…in your home…
without calling on us, even though we’re nearby…

I see.
I think I get it.  Okay, I lose.  You grew up without relying on anyone else.  So come on.. Come on over here. From now on, I’ll be there.  I’ll do all I can not to take my eyes off of you, to make sure that you’re never alone again.

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