January 24

January 24th was my Dad’s birthday.  He would have been 65 years old.  That seems impossibly young, or at least too young to just drop down dead.  I’ve been the most ridiculous mess my whole life for the past week or so so instead of blithering on about this, I’d rather talk about any other […]

Wendy Update

Oh, the joys of this dog!  I love her, I do.  But she’s expensive.  I wondered if maybe I was being overly guilty…I always feel am completely guilty of not doing an adequate job of taking care of Boris. It has been almost two years (that long?) and even as I type this I’m crying.  Is […]

Off to a good start

Well, I’m a bit over a week into the new year and I have to say I’m not doing too bad.  Still married (1), not dead (2) and my nails are decidedly less vagrant-like (9).  I..uh…ate a banana today, so I’ve got that going for me (21). I need to add to my list a […]

Extended Whine

1.  I want to comment on tumblr posts but someone else has the name chukichi and I’m too lazy to come up with anything. 2. I can’t get past level 70 on Candy Fucking Crush Saga. 3.  My sewing machine is not giving me the right tension, no matter what I do. 4.  My lip […]


I’d been away from Wendy for almost a week and found out that due to her distress, she had diarrhea for the first two days I was gone.  I’m not going to lie, that is probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever done because they missed me.  Nothing says devotion like irritable bowels.  At least she missed […]


This goddamn fucking dog. I’m going to turn into some kind of crazy person, pushing this wiener dog around in a baby carriage or something.  Maybe not.  But maybe dog hats or something.  Something that would distinguish me from a normal person who has a dog for a pet and whatever it is that I […]

Photo Dump: Wiener Edition

It all started on a very chilly morning some time last week.  I took Wendy out for a walk and was suddenly overcome with the realization that I have totally been neglecting the opportunity for infinite wiener jokes. I have had this dog for MONTHS now and have yet to make wiener jokes a regular […]

Belated Halloween

Since it’s almost Thanksgiving here in the States, I thought I would wish everyone a happy belated Halloween!  We didn’t do much in terms of decorating; we only did a few knick knacks around the house.  One thing we do is read Halloween stories every night.  Some of our favorites are Room on the Broom, […]

Reunions and rekindlings, Part 1

Er mah gerd, it’s been so long since I’ve blogged.  Not really.  Some people post less than once a month.  But I have been busy and all sorts of things happened so it feels like it’s been a while.  Let’s first dispel the idea that anything was fully completed.  Done?  Okay: 1.  The thrift store fabric is […]