Teh internets (or at least, teh internets of my friends) are abuzz with a recent post by Rants from Mommyland and while I don’t religiously follow that blog, I totally know where she’s coming from. As do pretty much everyone else I know. But I also feel like a phony in every other aspect of […]


I just read this on What Would Tyler Durden Do and it cracked me up: Why on earth do people have kids? By all outward appearances, they’re nothing but one endless terrifying drama after another, a constant drain on your wallet, your social life and your peace and quiet. Have a kid and your life […]

Hi Cat

I found this today, and I think I just may have stumbled upon a level of Hell on earth. May I present: Hello Kitty Hell. Here are some examples of what you may find on the site…IF YOU DARE! Hello Kitty Cocaine Hello Kitty Sex Nightmare Hello Kitty Sex Nightmare II Wow. So on that […]


Maybe this guy needs a bit more studying rather than “studing”: Me studing. You stupid. If you’re wondering why I read the missed connections on craigslist, maybe you should watch Ghostworld.

What's your dysfunction?

I can’t stand to not look at the trainwreck that is Consumption Junction because I’m a child. But, here are two gems that amused me and bewildered me: Funny hee hee: Funny like whaaaat?

Taco Nanny

I know that when I am looking for a nanny, the first thing that comes to my mind is tacos… Taco Mac is awesome so I hear with their beers of the month. But I am not sure that a bunch of beer drinking taco makers are the best people to be watching my child.

You like WHAT?

Since I’m broke-ass, I have been desperately looking for a job that will pay enough to cover day care and help haul my ass out of the bottomless pit of debt that I now find myself in. I have to say, I’m apparently not desperate enough: Thank you, craigslist, for reminding me why you have […]