Like, Jr. High

Do you ever have those moments that not only make you feel like such a worthless piece of shit, but also reminds you of all of these other times in your life that you were reminded that you are in fact, a worthless piece of shit?  No?  Really?  Okay, yeah, me neither. The summer before […]

Train Wreck

What are the odds that while I’m vacationing in Savannah, the whole Paula Deen brouhaha blows up?  Crazy pants.  We even ended up driving by Uncle Bubba’s while on our way to make out with dolphins.  I was in my hotel room, searching #paulasbestdishes on Twitter and howling with laughter.  Just in serious fucking tears.  People, […]


UPDATE:  Dammit, no embedding.  See the video here. So I’m just derping along, and happy to find a full episode of Ouran High School Host Club on YouTube.  Yay, the beach episode!  Haha so funny, yay!  Goofing off, yay!  Then it tricked me into having feelings and well now, crap. Starting at 20:04 [Haruhi] I’m […]


1.  Technically, wouldn’t it be pronounced “miss-y” and not “misk-y” like I say it in my head?  We don’t say “misk-ellaneous”. 2. I have hilarious friends.  I have never been surrounded by so much dumb-assery as I am now.  Very lucky. 3. This clip never gets old to me.  NEVER. [youtube=] Sometimes, the kids’ table […]

Sleepy Fan Girl

From time to time, even when I’m on a decent sleep schedule, insomnia comes and cuddles up with me for a few nights.  In these late nights, I turn to video games and computer time, both of which are pretty awful in combating sleeplessness.  One thing that does work for me is music—too bad it’s […]

Photo Dump: For Giggles

Fact: I can burn pasta because I’m easily distracted. Here are some things to laugh and giggle at because I need to laugh just a little bit more: [youtube=] Last, but never least, my imaginary boyfriend Crendor.  <3  (I think I’m the Non-Stop Swearer)


I have been living under a fucking rock or something.  I missed this FilmDrunk post from 4/4 about a little movie called Only God Forgives.  Baby Goose is in it: I like to imagine these directors work with him, and then Baby Goose goes home and the directors get all sad and lonely, so they […]


I think I’m just a stewing cesspool of death and disease lately. That might be a bit exaggerated.  I’m sick and have the pukes.  I think it’s just a quick bug.  But I’m hungry and cranky and pukey.  In the middle of Josh’s tae kwon do class I had to excuse myself because I was […]


First, ChÜberlist 2013 will be posted tomorrow, because I’ve been actually doing stuff. Secondly, I am suddenly and overwhelmingly missing my Dad. His birthday is this month. He comes and tells me things in my dreams. Like “don’t go to the post office” on the day I was planning to go to the post office […]

This time of feel

This week has been a week of all the feels.  Feel free (<—- did you see what I did there??) to move along if you are uncomfortable with my feels. 1.) I really hate it when people don’t like me.  More than that, I hate it when others tell me not to take it personally. […]