Beating a dead horse

I’ve only been dealing with this Photobucket fiasco for a few days now and I’m already done.  Done with Photobucket but also with the comments about “you get what you pay for”. Okay, STOP for just a damn minute. Photobucket has been free to use for a very long time; I’ve been using it for […]

Goodnight, Demonslayer

There’s a monster that lives ‘neath your bed Oh for crying out loud it’s a futon on the floor He must be flat as a boardThere’s a creature that lurks behind the door Though I’ve checked there 15 times When I leave then he arrives Every night Tell the monster that lives ‘neath your bed […]


I have mixed feelings about the new reboot of Stephen King’s novel It as a full feature movie vs. the classic TV mini-series movie.  I grew up on the fear of Pennywise the Dancing Clown.  I read It when I was in grade school which should tell you that I was totally unsupervised as a […]


Lots of things have been happening since I last posted but I’ll get to that in a minute.  Priorities:  Legion has been so amazing.  Amazing as in a great new class, excellent story line and immersive lore.  All of that aside, it has been utterly heartbreaking.  I am not in the least ashamed to admit […]


Every once in a while, a song pops in my head unbidden and then I have to listen to the album a million times. Lost and Gone Forever was such a 90’s album.  Even that album cover is perfect. Either Way is a killer.  That whole album was a gem. You were almost kind, you […]

Do It Anyway

Because I always need this kind of motivation but other people do, too.  BF5 just kills me.  With laughter or with tears.  (still my favorite)  I actually blogged this before, but it’s never not applicable. Ben Folds Five – “Do It Anyway” You might put your love and trust on the line It’s risky, people […]