Rewind: Summer Vacation

Instead of spewing my annoyance for all the garbage I’m mired in today, I’m going to write my report on “What I Did on My Summer Vacation”. It was the kids’ first vacation, so they were excited and really and truly had a good time.  I’m the worst about going on vacation because it stresses […]

Trying New (Old) Things, part 1

Last year was one of, if not the most, difficult year of my life, hands down.  For whatever reason (hope?  stupidity? naivety?) I thought that by sheer force of will this year would just magically be better.  It didn’t quite turn out that way. Without barfing up all the details here, I’ll just say that […]


So many things have been going on recently that I just had to get away or freaking lose it. So I basically made two friends go with me on an impromptu trip. To Istanbul. Did you know that Istanbul is a 15 hour trip from Atlanta, GA? It was a long and weary trip, but […]


.:20·33·32:. «choo» OOH .:20·33·41:. «bazoo» OOH? .:20·34·23:. «choo» take a journey…to the bathroom! .:20·34·54:. «bazoo» SWEET .:20·34·56:. «choo» LOL .:20·35·00:. «choo» isn’t chris just awesome? .:20·35·18:. «bazoo» wow, that’s the coolest hall pass ever! Yes, yes it is the coolest hall pass ever! I’m so lucky to know such freaking awesome people.


So when I went to visit my friend Chris at his grown up job, I became an official visitor: You’ve gotta know that a school with a pirate as a mascot is cool!

green thing

I was so excited to see this little green wormy caterpillar on my vacation because I had never seen one before, ever. Then I came home and worked in the yard and saw a whole bunch of them.

More vacation fun

As I have mentioned, my parents’ farm has turkeys, in particularly a huge Tom turkey which we’re estimating somewhere around 20 lbs or something. Knowing my mom, she probably won’t kill him ever, but aside from being huge, he attracts the wild turkeys. These pictures are pretty terrible, but you can make them out nonetheless: […]


I think the title/subject of this entry is too straightforward. A la Snakes on a Plane. I could have said something like Shnaily or Snails for Satan or something like that. But those things are old inside jokes, some of which I’m not really inside of anyway. My uncle introduced some snails into my parents […]

Holiday Weekend

So I went vacationing at my parents farm in Illinois over the long weekend and had an awesome time. Kite flying, fishing, nature and a lot of food. A LOT of food. So, so much food. Here is a picture of the tasty catfish I caught over the weekend: Not pictured: The fat sunfish that […]