is right around the corner. I have one new thing started: Don’t call me crazy. My clock is going way faster than yours, that’s all. Also, for no particular reason:


I am still alive, despite all the rumors. I have just been very busy (read: lazy). Here is some fodder for you to enjoy while I procrastinate some more: I think these pictures are pretty much duplicates. I suspect photoshop. TTFN.

Pregnancy story

Last night was a pretty boring night. Didn’t do much, ate taquitos for dinner, and watched some Ghost Hunters before bed. Now, you hear all the time about pregnant women who are over emotional and crazy and I fall into that category no problem. I’m already that way prepregnancy, so being pregnant just adds that […]


Main Entry: hate Pronunciation: \ˈhāt\ Function: noun 1 a: intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury b: extreme dislike or antipathy : loathing 2: an object of hatred

Two more things

Fuck you, subprime mortgage lending. You’re screwing my job in real estate. Yeah, seriously. I usually feed my depression with food, but I think the Swedish Chef has a better idea. Suddenly very snacky. Okay, that’s it for today, really.

Not nice

A few notes about the following picture: 1. That is SO not nice. 2. It’s a box, not a bag, if you didn’t notice. 3. I’m keeping that FOREVER.

again? seriously?

Two weeks ago we had a plumber come out to the house to fix a leak in our polybutylene down in the basement. The basement is unfinished for the most part so $300 later, no biggie, right? Yeah, until this week when we discoved another leak. Water in the basement. Where was the leak you […]


This happened today: And then this: Also, I have gotten asked twice now why I center my pictures on some posts and left justify them on others. The answer is fuck you, that’s why. I’m happy today.

stupid dependence on modern living!

ZOMG my computer is sad. I think it’s just the wireless card driver but still. The power goes out here every freaking day because it appears that the electric company is working on updating the power lines. Or maybe they just hate me. Yeah, I think they just hate me. Anyway… Today is Day One […]