General Lee

So dumb

Are you fucking kidding me?  I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the kerfuffle regarding ESPN’s decision to pull announcer Robert Lee from the opening game at University of Virginia in Charlottesville scheduled for next month.  Because his name is Robert Lee.  Because people would be reminded of Robert E. Lee. I made that […]

Photo Dump: Stocky Goodness

The amount of time it takes to find copyright free, high quality stock photos is higher than I thought.  I’m cheap though, so as long as I don’t have to pay actual currency, I can work through it.  The best part about stock photography is that sometimes it’s random as shit and hilariously bizarre.  Here […]

In case you were wondering…

This totally just fucking happened. I can’t tell if she just didn’t notice because we were just having a casual conversation or if she’s so polite as to not call me out on my amazing comment.  THIS IS WHY I LIKE TO SPELL THINGS OUT PROPERLY HOLY SHIT So yeah, in case you were wondering, […]

Photo Dump: Brain garbage

1. I’m totally hooked on The Dresden Files.   2.  I should put him in my boyfriend album for Lars and the Real Girl alone.   3.  This is true, but will always be difficult.   4. I am stalking furniture from my past.  This actually does not surprise me.   5.   I could […]


Much like the early settlers, I have been burning a swath of destruction throughout the Midwestern states.  Let’s look at this handy infographic for more information: Let’s discuss from left to right, shall we? Missouri:  Oh the glory days of underage drinking and general reckless living.   Missouri encompasses all that and more–the more part being the $14 I […]

Photo Dump: Wiener Edition

It all started on a very chilly morning some time last week.  I took Wendy out for a walk and was suddenly overcome with the realization that I have totally been neglecting the opportunity for infinite wiener jokes. I have had this dog for MONTHS now and have yet to make wiener jokes a regular […]

Photo Dump: Death Dump Edition

Really, you’re still not watching The Regular Show?  Pfft, what are you, grown up or something?  Here’s some randomness that I’d like to share: 1. Hermaphrodite. 2. I posted this status on FB this week: I think I finally found all of my drink coasters. Did you just crap yourself with this awesome news? God, someone […]

October Fool's?

As in October Fool’s Day. I got a fax at work today and the header threw me off: I obscured the fax number to protect the stupid. Look a little closer: Really? REALLY???

The Adventures of Bad Bunny

Okay, so maybe the bunny isn’t *so* bad, but I blame him for breaking my camera. This bunny comes from the free pattern pages of Wee Wonderfuls and it’s truly wonderful: Screaming in 5, 4, 3, 2… In the process of taking the above picture, Bad Bunny, as I have now named him, decided to […]