47 Days

47 days until The Girl’s birthday.  The Boy’s birthday was in March and I’m still working on his birthday socks because I’m an asshole.  But he loves me and is understanding…but he’s a master guilter:  ‘Mom, look at these (store bought) socks.  They have holes in them already.  I wish I had some good socks…’ […]


Don’t panic. But I think I broke time. It has been five minutes to midnight forEVER.  Usually, when I’m farting around imgur, I look up and it’s been way too fucking long.  Tonight for some reason, I’ve been surfing for hours in the span of 5 minutes.  I don’t know, maybe I’m losing my mind, […]


Sorry, watching Alex’s Day Off and she’s making steak.  Steak is pretty simple but it’s easy to mess up.  I’m of the school that if someone else makes it, even if it’s just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it’s better. EDIT: I just noticed that Alex looks really…Stepford-y in her bio pic. ANYWAY, Mother’s […]


Saturday was just one of those days.  I don’t know why, but I was in a seriously piss ass mood.  I decided that the only thing that was going to solve my mood problem was shopping and doughnuts. My new favorite store was having a Cinco de Mayo sale so I decided to go.  By […]


Things have been weird lately.  For instance, it’s 11 PM and I just ate a salad. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM6xVQwIOYQ] Other than the random strange goings on, I have done my first ever machine quilting! Dorks rejoice!  I get it now.  I’m hand stitching the binding as always.  The quilting  isn’t perfect but nothing I do ever is–how […]

Happy New Year!

I have spent the past few hours prepping my bedroom for paint.  My box springs are on the front lawn and my mattress (where I am comfortably lounging watching Saints v. Panthers) is on the living room floor.  The Christmas tree is still up.  The kids running around being kids.  Not bad for the first […]

Lazy ass motherfucker

There is meat to be cooked, children to be taught, things to be washed but yet I sit here.  At my desk.  My blog has been a little bit neglected mostly because I am a lazy ass motherfucker.  I’m also having a shitty couple of weeks on a personal level.  I was going to  post […]

Never underestimate

the stupidity of people.  Anywhere.  Anytime. I ordered office supplies from Office Depot on Friday with free delivery on Monday.  Usually, I love, love, love Office Depot–buy $50 worth of stuff and it gets delivered free the next day.  Sweet deal, right?  I’ve been ordering like this from them for years and couldn’t be happier. […]