First: Catch Up [Blog Draft]

[BLOG DRAFT] 12/20/15 I’m dead. After a long blog break, I usually say “I’m not dead” but nah, I’m dead. I’m writing this from beyond the graaaaaaaaaave! OooOOOoOooOOooooohhhhhh scaaaaaryyyyyyyy! 1.) Halloween was nutso. Robin was easy–one of many Elsas out that night. It was our first experience with a wig and I have no idea […]


Sorry, watching Alex’s Day Off and she’s making steak.  Steak is pretty simple but it’s easy to mess up.  I’m of the school that if someone else makes it, even if it’s just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it’s better. EDIT: I just noticed that Alex looks really…Stepford-y in her bio pic. ANYWAY, Mother’s […]


I was going to post about a super awesome thing that happened but my auto-save saved over my actual save draft. So instead of a draft, I had a blank screen with one picture. FML. Instead, I will show you this: It’s the top of the last pillow for the classroom.  I didn’t intend for […]

Inspirational Procrastination

When there’s something that needs to be done, I can surely be found doing something else.  I tend to be easily distracted with every passing thought.  I actually have guests coming to visit during Memorial Day weekend, so before they get here, I need to paint the kitchen, sewing room and finish staining the deck. […]

Sahm-ing it up

Being a stay at home mom has more and more perks every day.  For instance, yesterday, while the kids were laying on the floor in the classroom, Robin used her creepiest voice to say this: Joshuaaaaaaa, spiders are going to drink your blooooooood. We’re not just creepy, a few days ago we were learning about […]

What's Up

So much as been going on.  Let’s start with my radio silence: I got into a bar fight on Sunday.  The bar won. You see those bars that are taped together?  Yeah, I got beaned in the head with the two big ones that are on the floor.  They are the iron canopy bars that […]

I. Am. Done.

I’m finally done.  I’m FINALLY DONE. I hope there will be two happy little girls in St. Louis soon (and most likely a happy Mom, too).  Like I’ve said, they’re not perfect, but that just proves that I made them: These are my first machine quilted quilts.  I’m pretty happy with how they came out. […]

Half Done

I have been working on a quilt for my friend’s daughters since sometime last year.  It was originally going to be a queen sized quilt but since it’s taken me so long, she’s decided that the girls will eventually have twin sized beds.  So one down, one to go: I’m hoping to get them done […]

Is it nap time yet?

I wanted to post one quickie picture: Now, I haven’t lost my mind:  I am not going to embroider every block on this almost king sized quilt.  I’m just going to do wherever I feel like and however much I feel like.  If only everything in our lives could be like that. I am not […]