Field Trip!

This week the kiddos and I decided to go on a field trip to the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir and it was completely amazeballs. I was looking for things in the area to do with the kids that wasn’t crazy expensive -and- was somewhat educational.  When I came across information of the mandir, I couldn’t pass […]

She's Only 7

I want to make light of this and joke that she’s too young to start her emo stage, but holy crap, my baby. My baby. She brought this into my room tonight because she wanted my opinion “if it’s any good or not”. The World The world is mean the world is nice. The world […]

Look at all the fish I killed!

Okay, first, the bad news. I’ve had 2 deaths, and they were horrible.  HORRIBLE. Since I have the new 40 gallon tank up and running (more on that in a bit), I put the 10 gallon tank downstairs so the kids could have a couple of betta fish.  We spent time deciding what type of […]

Brain Dump: Mother's Day Edition

Yes, I am back…I just went out for a pack of cigarettes…Right? And I might have to go out for cigarettes again, so come close and listen…right now I’m sitting in my living room, two kids sleeping on the couch after a long, fun night of slumber party silliness. Cartoons until midnight? Stupid story telling […]

January 24

January 24th was my Dad’s birthday.  He would have been 65 years old.  That seems impossibly young, or at least too young to just drop down dead.  I’ve been the most ridiculous mess my whole life for the past week or so so instead of blithering on about this, I’d rather talk about any other […]


So, once upon a time (a couple of months ago or so) I was sitting in bed with the kiddos, watching TV, and playing around on my computer.  I wasn’t even playing Warcraft, believe it or not, when Robin asked me to tell her the story of Arthas. Luckily for her, I had recently read […]

Eso sí que es.

At least one girl is growing up in this house.  Birthday shopping is done and amazingly, birthday knitting is, too.  Which is saying a lot, since Josh’s birthday socks were something around…4-5 months late? Now, Josh is a boy through and through.  When I ask for a picture, he will smile, but he rarely poses […]