Okay, so maybe I was being stupid.  Maybe?  Yeah, probably.  I know new parents get mush brain, so I should not have worried about it so much.  I’m relieved.  Dumb, but relieved. On the Good Parenting front, the kids are watching Bleach.  AND we’re watching it with subtitles! I’M SO CRAZY FANGIRL EXCITED!  Josh is keeping up […]

The oldest quilt in the world

I finally found a work in progress picture of the quilt in question and it’s from April of 2014.  Over a year ago.  Frankly, I thought it would be older than that.  For a normal person, this would have been a weekend project (or faster, probably).  It’s not complicated.  It’s not elaborate.  Log cabins are pretty […]

Time to play….

Wheel! of! Anxiety! So…I’ve been working on a gift for my friend’s unborn child for a while.  And, in true fashion, I started to slack off and let my depression get the better of me.  When I’m depressed I withdraw quite a bit and my hobbies go straight to shit.  This guy has been my […]

Reunions and rekindlings, Part 1

Er mah gerd, it’s been so long since I’ve blogged.  Not really.  Some people post less than once a month.  But I have been busy and all sorts of things happened so it feels like it’s been a while.  Let’s first dispel the idea that anything was fully completed.  Done?  Okay: 1.  The thrift store fabric is […]

What's Up

So much as been going on.  Let’s start with my radio silence: I got into a bar fight on Sunday.  The bar won. You see those bars that are taped together?  Yeah, I got beaned in the head with the two big ones that are on the floor.  They are the iron canopy bars that […]

I. Am. Done.

I’m finally done.  I’m FINALLY DONE. I hope there will be two happy little girls in St. Louis soon (and most likely a happy Mom, too).  Like I’ve said, they’re not perfect, but that just proves that I made them: These are my first machine quilted quilts.  I’m pretty happy with how they came out. […]

Half Done

I have been working on a quilt for my friend’s daughters since sometime last year.  It was originally going to be a queen sized quilt but since it’s taken me so long, she’s decided that the girls will eventually have twin sized beds.  So one down, one to go: I’m hoping to get them done […]


Things have been weird lately.  For instance, it’s 11 PM and I just ate a salad. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM6xVQwIOYQ] Other than the random strange goings on, I have done my first ever machine quilting! Dorks rejoice!  I get it now.  I’m hand stitching the binding as always.  The quilting  isn’t perfect but nothing I do ever is–how […]


Believe it or not, I’ve been doing stuff other than playing an ancient version of Civilization III.  I just got Civ IV, so it was nice knowing you. The end. Actually, I did finish something and have a few things in the works.  First, something that’s done: I have been working on this forever.  My […]

ChÜberlist: 2011–November Update

Wow.  November was busy with lots of doings but not much finishings.  I am certain I didn’t get anything done that was officially ChÜberlist, but the things I did get done are totally going to count towards my list. Extra Credit 1: New double ovens, counts as two! Extra Credit 2: New palladium windows!  Paid for […]