General Lee

So dumb

Are you fucking kidding me?  I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the kerfuffle regarding ESPN’s decision to pull announcer Robert Lee from the opening game at University of Virginia in Charlottesville scheduled for next month.  Because his name is Robert Lee.  Because people would be reminded of Robert E. Lee. I made that […]

ChÜberlist: 2011–April Update

I got a lot more done this month than I thought I would.  First, the good stuff that makes me happy: 19. 5 baby quilts or blankets-one down 45. Do one home repair item per month: replace kitchen faucet-DONE 47. Do one home repair item per month: repair sewer line-DONE 48. (counts as two)-I love […]


I am the type of person who gets their political views from The Colbert Report (just kidding) and my news from The Onion (just kidding) but seriously, it’s embarrassing when I get news from Cake Wrecks. As a small business owner, a knitter, a parent and someone who really likes money, this sucks ass cakes. […]

blame Molly

Mozzolly commented “i dunno why, but that first picture i thought was Al Gore being silly (for some strange reason). in response to my post about our first female four star general. Well, this is why: -or- Not so crazy now, are we?

omg, leik did u voat?

Yay, I voted! Because really, how many times in your adult life can you walk around with an award sticker on your shirt? By the way, I stood in line for 3 hours to get that sticker. Most. Expensive. Sticker. Ever. But worth it. I knitted in line, standing up and walking, for three hours. […]

Vote for a Change

During this election time, please let me take a moment to be serious: [youtube=] I think the video above is quite compelling and I hope it helps you make your important decisions tomorrow and for the rest of your life. I know I don’t get political, but I hope everyone gets out there tomorrow and […]

Wait, one more

One day, when my son is the President, people will make fun of him. Even when he’s the best President EVER and brings peace to the world, finds a cure for cancer and HIV/AIDS in the same day and builds a second home on Mars, they will make fun of him. I am his mother […]

Misc-y and bloggy

I don’t have too-too many pics to post. I’m really trying hard not to be one of those people that can talk about nothing once they have kids. Granted, it’s only been two weeks, and nothing other than baby has been going on. But, in other misc-y news: Cheney plane undamaged in collision with bird […]

Photo Dump #1

I have been a slug lately, so here are some random pictures, some of which I actually took. This picture is a little late, as elections were last Tuesday. All I can say is, IT’S ABOUT TIME!