Brain Dump: Mother's Day Edition

Yes, I am back…I just went out for a pack of cigarettes…Right? And I might have to go out for cigarettes again, so come close and listen…right now I’m sitting in my living room, two kids sleeping on the couch after a long, fun night of slumber party silliness. Cartoons until midnight? Stupid story telling […]

welcome to my hood

I couldn’t wait to use the pretty fuzzy wuzzy blue yarn that Molly got for me for Christmas, so I made a Comfy Hooded Jacket for the new one. I was concerned, because the picture shows the baby being confronted by two large bees, and you know how much I hate bees: I went ahead […]

My first time!

Yay! My first time: 1. knitting in the round 2. knitting with double pointed needles 3. knitting a baby hat 4. knitting a fair isle pattern 5. knitting an i-cord I was worried about the colors, but I’m happy with them. And I am slowly but surely getting rid of the rest of my “good” […]

Why the cat hates me, Chapter 1

Though rescued over three years ago as a kitten, and at the point of starvation and dehydration, Hampton still does not allow us to pick him up, hold him in our arms or even touch him with two hands at once. Over the years, he has begun to be more comfortable with us and at […]

I need a new hobby

It only took me a few hours to make this fun stripey hat today. I learned how to do short rows, and it impressed me much. The hat I made has two looks: Pixie, for when you want to look like a 27 year old who can’t let go of the past. Or for when […]