I was going to think of a title…

If you work at PetCo corporate, you get to bring your pets to work EVERY DAY. Yes, that was random, but I’m distracted. I’m watching Tanked and it’s probably my favorite show right now. It’s no secret that I love my fish, but the upkeep can be cost prohibitive. So, until I have a place […]


I think I’m just a stewing cesspool of death and disease lately. That might be a bit exaggerated.  I’m sick and have the pukes.  I think it’s just a quick bug.  But I’m hungry and cranky and pukey.  In the middle of Josh’s tae kwon do class I had to excuse myself because I was […]

Needed a Quickie

I am in serious need of a Bleach fix.  I am so sad that the anime and manga series is ending.  It’s rare that I’m on the bandwagon from the start.  I’m seriously concerned about all the episodes that are on my other hard drive and I need an external drive case ASAP. While I […]

Lazy ass motherfucker

There is meat to be cooked, children to be taught, things to be washed but yet I sit here.  At my desk.  My blog has been a little bit neglected mostly because I am a lazy ass motherfucker.  I’m also having a shitty couple of weeks on a personal level.  I was going to  post […]


It has been 11 days since the devastating 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in Japan and I haven’t blogged one word of it. At first, I was pretty stunned and couldn’t think of anything to say. My blog is mostly frivolous and fun and boring. I rarely get serious. As the days went on, this enormous […]


I just had to take a moment to talk about Chapter 418: Deicide 20. I’m trying hard not to be super nerdy fangirl, but let’s face it, I’m a super nerdy fangirl! WHEEE!!!!!!! O M G It’s Thursday, yet I don’t see a new chapter. I’m so impatient. SO IMPATIENT! Also, let’s not forget how […]

spoiler: WTF

Did anyone else think this was kind of a cop out? Also kind of super awesome? I need answers, dammit! Okay, it’s not really a spoiler as much as it is a teaser for Bleach chapter 353.