Eso sí que es.

At least one girl is growing up in this house.  Birthday shopping is done and amazingly, birthday knitting is, too.  Which is saying a lot, since Josh’s birthday socks were something around…4-5 months late? Now, Josh is a boy through and through.  When I ask for a picture, he will smile, but he rarely poses […]

Girl Stuff

Nice, cutesy girl stuff.  Not girl stuff as in the previous post. First, I’m shitty at updating, so please let me show you an actual finished product: This sweater has been done forever, but the last known evidence of it was way back here.  She looks so much older, but 8 months will do that […]

47 Days

47 days until The Girl’s birthday.  The Boy’s birthday was in March and I’m still working on his birthday socks because I’m an asshole.  But he loves me and is understanding…but he’s a master guilter:  ‘Mom, look at these (store bought) socks.  They have holes in them already.  I wish I had some good socks…’ […]


Don’t panic. But I think I broke time. It has been five minutes to midnight forEVER.  Usually, when I’m farting around imgur, I look up and it’s been way too fucking long.  Tonight for some reason, I’ve been surfing for hours in the span of 5 minutes.  I don’t know, maybe I’m losing my mind, […]

Photo Dump: Blast from the Past Edition, Part 3

So what if Part 2 was two weeks ago?   More random goodness: 1. I have been inundated with other people’s creativity lately.  I want to make all the things, but I’m lazy and guilty that I’m not working on things that I should.  Having said that, the above picture is definitely in the category […]

Sweater Time!

Man, I’m dumb.  Sometimes, I can pick up things so fast and it immediately becomes second nature.  And then there’s the rest of my life where I am sharp as a marble.  For reasons totally unbeknownst to me, I hate reading directions.  I assume I can just do things because usually I can unless it’s […]

Stuff that (might) not suck

Holy fucksheets I’ve been all gloom and doom lately.  Also, my V key is not working properly, so I will hae to go back and do a lot of manual edits to this post.  Robin’s birthday is WEDNESDAY which means I am totally schizoid.  I’m sad my baby is turning 3, but happy that she’s […]


Saturday was just one of those days.  I don’t know why, but I was in a seriously piss ass mood.  I decided that the only thing that was going to solve my mood problem was shopping and doughnuts. My new favorite store was having a Cinco de Mayo sale so I decided to go.  By […]