January 24

January 24th was my Dad’s birthday.  He would have been 65 years old.  That seems impossibly young, or at least too young to just drop down dead.  I’ve been the most ridiculous mess my whole life for the past week or so so instead of blithering on about this, I’d rather talk about any other […]


Sometimes I’m really compelled to do something that will, if anything, expose a piece of myself that I’d rather not the whole world see. I want to live in a world where everything is light and airy and boring.  I say ‘boring’ with all the love in the world–I absolutely do not miss the drama […]

Sahm-ing it up

Being a stay at home mom has more and more perks every day.  For instance, yesterday, while the kids were laying on the floor in the classroom, Robin used her creepiest voice to say this: Joshuaaaaaaa, spiders are going to drink your blooooooood. We’re not just creepy, a few days ago we were learning about […]