Goodnight, Demonslayer

There’s a monster that lives ‘neath your bed Oh for crying out loud it’s a futon on the floor He must be flat as a boardThere’s a creature that lurks behind the door Though I’ve checked there 15 times When I leave then he arrives Every night Tell the monster that lives ‘neath your bed […]

First: Catch Up [Blog Draft]

[BLOG DRAFT] 12/20/15 I’m dead. After a long blog break, I usually say “I’m not dead” but nah, I’m dead. I’m writing this from beyond the graaaaaaaaaave! OooOOOoOooOOooooohhhhhh scaaaaaryyyyyyyy! 1.) Halloween was nutso. Robin was easy–one of many Elsas out that night. It was our first experience with a wig and I have no idea […]

Ghost Story

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year: the weather finally has a chill in the air, football is in full swing, Hallow’s End, and of course, all of the spooky stories and TV shows. In this modern age, we can really watch ghost stories on TV anytime, but I remember as a […]

Belated Halloween

Since it’s almost Thanksgiving here in the States, I thought I would wish everyone a happy belated Halloween!  We didn’t do much in terms of decorating; we only did a few knick knacks around the house.  One thing we do is read Halloween stories every night.  Some of our favorites are Room on the Broom, […]

Halloween Quilt Update

I thought I was way more done than I am, which is a recurring theme in my life.  I always think things are better than they are and then I get my reality check. [youtube=] I realized something last night.  That quilt is going to be one big mothercover: I’ve been doing some embroidery since […]