I was going to post about a super awesome thing that happened but my auto-save saved over my actual save draft. So instead of a draft, I had a blank screen with one picture. FML. Instead, I will show you this: It’s the top of the last pillow for the classroom.  I didn’t intend for […]

Thomas is haunting me

No fucking shit. I had a dream last night about a ghost named Tom. I don’t remember any specific details, but I was in a house that was very reminiscent of The Others: very dusky, foggy, weird lighting. And there was a man named Tom who used to live there and he didn’t want me […]

Photo Dump: Death Dump Edition

Really, you’re still not watching The Regular Show?  Pfft, what are you, grown up or something?  Here’s some randomness that I’d like to share: 1. Hermaphrodite. 2. I posted this status on FB this week: I think I finally found all of my drink coasters. Did you just crap yourself with this awesome news? God, someone […]

Can't sleep; raiding

Seriously.  Dragons of Atlantis on Facebook is kind of taking over my life.  It’s like a poor man’s Warcraft which is perfect, since I’m a poor man. Or woman, whatever. While I wait for my spoils of war, I wanted to share the wonderful treasures that the Mr. was able to salvage via a box […]


I love love love progress!!  Here are some of the things I’m working on right now!!  Exclamation points!! 1. Working on Dragons of Atlantis!  It’s a free game on Facebook.  Still beta and glitchy (aren’t all the games beta, though?) but it’s fun and nerdy and both the Mr. and I play, so it’s kind […]

An excuse to use the word Crapulence

Blogs, are by nature, a crapulent vehicle for our egos. Who gives a shit about what you’re doing? Also, the sweater/cake/birdhouse/kid you made is by far the ugliest and most disgusting thing ever forced on to the internet. I’m the same, of course, except for the awesome sweater/cake/birdhouse that I made for my ethereal offspring. […]


I can’t stand some people. Before I get into that, let me first announce that I am the type of person that gets disproportionately angry over things. No serious need for details; I think you can figure it out for yourself. Anyway… I play Cityville on Facebook. There, I said it. I’m pretty obsessed and […]


I wanted to blog tonight but I’m all about making a blanket and not being on the computer. So instead, I leave you with this: It made me laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. I think tomorrow I’ll take pictures of MY NEW DECK and some yarny things I’ve actually finished and […]