The only thing missing is…

Tell me. What is the only thing missing here? a.) Class b.) Talent c.) Money d.) You e.) All of the above The only thing missing is U. And everything else. To be fair, glamor is actually not incorrect, just totally weird. The American Heritage dictionary says: Usage Note: Many words, such as honor, vapor, […]

On a break

I think I’m going to go on hiatus for a short while to transition to this new life of ours. This picture is from my commute and it’s strange to not see it every day now.

Those kind of days

Last Tuesday was kind of a stupid day but ended up okay. I was sure it was going to be awful because the first thing that happened to me was at the gas station: Yeah…that’s my purse. Upside down on the disgusting concrete next to a gas pump. And closing documents. Thankfully, it wasn’t that […]


In my younger years, my girlfriends and I had a joke about men. Cute, celebrity men, like Ralph Fiennes and Ben Affleck before he became a plastic bobble head. Basically, men belonged in the kitchen. Because that’s where you kept the meat. I can remember being 19 or 20 years old with picture editorials of […]

A break!

Finally! So I decided to spend my time with you, dear computer. I love you. Let’s never fight again. For the record, the name “Mokey” does not sound very scary. I have never been on the teeth end of a police dog, so maybe they could name them all “Fluffy” and “Bubblegum” and it wouldn’t […]

photo dump

Some Misc-y goodness to finish out the Memorial Day weekend… 1. Man, I wish this was my job. I’m an AWESOME sleeper: 2. I saw this guy on the highway and wanted desperately to follow him. Or should I say, spy on him: 3. A good tip from the good people at Discover Mills Mall: […]

NaBloPoMo dump

I admit it, I really kind of hate NaBloPoMo. It totally goes against my BWO sensibilities. I feel like I’m putting out more crap than normal, just for the sake of crapping. Speaking of crapping, here is a mini photo dump: Any bets on what the price will be on the day before Thanksgiving? Hmm?? […]

photo dump

So much randomness as usual, but here are some things I wanted to share: What’s wrong with this sign, fellow Grammar Nazis? It’s funny because it’s true! This is a real cat with four ears. His name is Yoda. OMG how young is Billy Corgan in this picture!?! And last but not least, and not […]

you better check yourself

As I mentioned in passing, I was in a car wreck earlier this month. I was rear ended on my way to work, right on the ramp to the interstate. “X” marks the spot The other car was fairly damaged, at least undrivable more than the one lane over to the shoulder, but my car […]