Brain Dump: Mother's Day Edition

Yes, I am back…I just went out for a pack of cigarettes…Right? And I might have to go out for cigarettes again, so come close and listen…right now I’m sitting in my living room, two kids sleeping on the couch after a long, fun night of slumber party silliness. Cartoons until midnight? Stupid story telling […]

Happle Tea

I love love love love LOVE Happle Tea!  It was recommended on Twitter by my imaginary boyfriend of Myths RETOLD.  I read every strip and stayed up way past my bedtime.  It’s smart, funny, well written and well drawn.  What more can you ask for?  Ding dong jokes?  DONE.  Maybe I’m a child, or maybe I was […]

Whats the CRAPS?

No, no.  No one had the craps.  But read Selkie.  I love it and you will, too.  The art progressively gets better and the story is wonderful (so far).  It will tug at your black, shriveled-up heart strings. Also, I’m dumb, I didn’t know that the word ‘selkie’ is an actual mythological creature.  That comic […]

Who doesn't heart Penny Arcade?

Comic is here. I’m a nerdy fan of PA and you should be, too. I could link so many of my favorites here but it’s easier if you just start from the beginning and read until your eyes bleed and fall out. It will be worth it. Is it wrong to be in love with […]

garfield minus garfield

I hate it when I hear about something, and I think it’s cool, and before I can tell anyone else it’s all over the media. So, even though it’s going to look like I am bandwagon jumping (again), here are some of my favorites from garfield minus garfield: I wonder though, Garfield is a super […]

speaking yet again of zombies

Here are two fears of mine come together: singing in public and zombies: I bet I can’t sing better than a zombie. Also, I have issues with OCD and this comic best describes me, if my name was Bob: I might also be a witch; don’t throw any seeds at my feet! I have issues, […]