ChÜberlist 2017 UPDATE!

So let’s find out if February was a failure or a success in terms of ChÜberlist completions. What was the list again? Self 1. Lose 10% of my current total body weight. – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I am not even thinking about this. It’s fucking March already, though, so I should do something. OH—I am drinking more […]

ChÜberlist 2017 – The Year of the Slug

EDIT:  OH SHIT IT’S PAST MIDNIGHT AND NOW IT’S FEBRUARY OH NO! It’s still January!  I’m not that late! Here is my current list conveniently sorted in pseudo categories.  As always, I’ll probably add more to the list just so I can mark it off my list because I like meaningless achievements. One thing I […]

She's Only 7

I want to make light of this and joke that she’s too young to start her emo stage, but holy crap, my baby. My baby. She brought this into my room tonight because she wanted my opinion “if it’s any good or not”. The World The world is mean the world is nice. The world […]

Finally! An Update!

Oy.  I am the worst of the worst.  Not because I haven’t blogged, but because I am stuck in a really shitty malaise.  As I age (badly and ungracefully) I find that my body is much more sensitive to medicines and their affects.  Some drugs stay in my system forever and others leave me too […]

Off to a good start

Well, I’m a bit over a week into the new year and I have to say I’m not doing too bad.  Still married (1), not dead (2) and my nails are decidedly less vagrant-like (9).  I..uh…ate a banana today, so I’ve got that going for me (21). I need to add to my list a […]

RE: ChÜberlist 2012

Oh what a fucking fuck fuck this year has been.  First, the numbers: Of the whopping 38 things I wanted to do this year, I did 17 things.   Ugh.  45% is not my worst by any means, but I seriously expected to do better since I had fewer items on my list.  And then […]


Not referring to Viking Kittens, but just as great.  In addition to puzzles, I’ve been reading! Books!  Though, these are graphic novels.  Still good stories and yes, I am reading actual books, too.  But these go by so fast and they’re great, so I thought I’d share: Anya’s Ghost was great.  I loved it. Anya […]