RE: ChÜberlist 2012

Oh what a fucking fuck fuck this year has been.  First, the numbers: Of the whopping 38 things I wanted to do this year, I did 17 things.   Ugh.  45% is not my worst by any means, but I seriously expected to do better since I had fewer items on my list.  And then […]

Some People Have Problems

And when I say problems, I mean this: Someone.  Someone explain to me why my goblin is wearing a halter top, bikini underwear and garters.   Thanks a lot, heirloom gear.  I understand that the WoW demographic is overwhelmingly male, but really?  This? You know what?  I don’t want to know.  Let’s just leave this […]

Merry Christmas Eve and some other stuff

Christmastime is strange now.  I have another adult in the house and am allowed to go to the bathroom with the door shut.  It’s like bizarro world here. My exciting day is going to be filled with laundry and cleaning.  I just don’t like having the house a mess on Christmas. In other news, I […]

Burned Out

It’s that time of year.  I’m burned out.  I’m getting sick of doing things for everyone else.  It sounds bad–I love making things and doing things for others.  It is in my nature.  But I don’t like deadlines and I find that this is the time of year that the lack of reciprocation is more […]

Whats the CRAPS?

No, no.  No one had the craps.  But read Selkie.  I love it and you will, too.  The art progressively gets better and the story is wonderful (so far).  It will tug at your black, shriveled-up heart strings. Also, I’m dumb, I didn’t know that the word ‘selkie’ is an actual mythological creature.  That comic […]


So, once upon a time, before it was a show, Game of Thrones was a book in a series.  And before it was trendy, I’d often think “Winter is Coming”.  And sometimes that phrase gets mangled in my mind: Anyway, part of my Christmas giving is due at Thanksgiving, which means I have even less time […]