A short lesson in customer service

Most of my employment experience has been centered around customer service.  In person, on the phone, whatever.  I’m actually very good at it; that and technical writing, believe it or not.  Which goes to show that just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you like it. I sent out two emails today inquiring about […]

Filler Post: Jake

FACT: I started this blog entry on 8/12 and forgot all about it. So here goes a filler post before a filler post. Fillerpostception. CAT FACTS! Name: Jake AKA: Jakey, Jake-Jake, Jake-Face, Toothy, Fluffypants, Jake from State Farm DOB: c. June 2012 Adopted: June 12,2013 Weight: 14 lbs Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat mix Known litter […]

The Day-That-Must-Not-Be-Named

Fathers and mothers alike shield their children from it. It looms, growing ever larger by the hour. Minute. Second. Panicked whispers. Just be normal. Everyone, just be normal. Regular day, right? Right? NO NO NO don’t say that! Dear God, you fool! You’ll doom us all! La, la, la, anyway…so much to discuss!  Our house […]

Brain Dump: Mother's Day Edition

Yes, I am back…I just went out for a pack of cigarettes…Right? And I might have to go out for cigarettes again, so come close and listen…right now I’m sitting in my living room, two kids sleeping on the couch after a long, fun night of slumber party silliness. Cartoons until midnight? Stupid story telling […]