Filler Post: Jake

FACT: I started this blog entry on 8/12 and forgot all about it. So here goes a filler post before a filler post. Fillerpostception. CAT FACTS! Name: Jake AKA: Jakey, Jake-Jake, Jake-Face, Toothy, Fluffypants, Jake from State Farm DOB: c. June 2012 Adopted: June 12,2013 Weight: 14 lbs Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat mix Known litter […]

Trying New (Old) Things, part 2

It’s been over a year since Boris died.  It has been so difficult, even with Wendy.  Wendy is great.  That wiener has literally healed my heart in only the way an animal can.  I was incredibly lucky to find her.  But now, after all the rest of the last year’s losses and this year’s drama, […]

Photo Dump: Brain garbage

1. I’m totally hooked on The Dresden Files.   2.  I should put him in my boyfriend album for Lars and the Real Girl alone.   3.  This is true, but will always be difficult.   4. I am stalking furniture from my past.  This actually does not surprise me.   5.   I could […]

Photo Dump: Blast from the Past Edition, Part 3

So what if Part 2 was two weeks ago?   More random goodness: 1. I have been inundated with other people’s creativity lately.  I want to make all the things, but I’m lazy and guilty that I’m not working on things that I should.  Having said that, the above picture is definitely in the category […]

Early Post

Robin woke me up at 3:30 AM and I couldn’t go back to sleep.  I didn’t eat dinner so I decided to eat a ham and cheese and Dorito sandwich.  Don’t judge–there is something immensely satisfying about smushing chips in your sandwich and hearing that crunch. I am working on the heels of the Mr.’s […]

self esteem

As a friend of mine said recently, FML. Okay, he didn’t say it as much as he posted it on Facebook. When I see something like this, it makes me feel so untalented and jealous. It’s awesome though:[youtube=] For the record, most things make me feel untalented and jealous. Like lolcats. Seriously, someone is making […]


Everything sucks, so here’s a cat who loves boxing: [youtube=] More pictures to come eventually. Much to discuss. No time, there’s never any time!