I lied.

First of all, don’t read this.  Just don’t. The last post I wrote was a total lie.  I didn’t know it was, but it was.  After I wrote it, I got the kids downstairs for breakfast and went out to check on the baby bird because I didn’t hear any family fun time tweeting. There […]

Valentine's Day Recap

My Valentine’s Day was actually pretty great this year.  I’m a dork and half so when I got these, I was So! Excited! As you may have seen previously, I really do fucking love puzzles.  So the Mr. got me this, this and this off of my Amazon Wishlist.  I think I’m most excited about the […]


Believe it or not, I’ve been doing stuff other than playing an ancient version of Civilization III.  I just got Civ IV, so it was nice knowing you. The end. Actually, I did finish something and have a few things in the works.  First, something that’s done: I have been working on this forever.  My […]

Early Post

Robin woke me up at 3:30 AM and I couldn’t go back to sleep.  I didn’t eat dinner so I decided to eat a ham and cheese and Dorito sandwich.  Don’t judge–there is something immensely satisfying about smushing chips in your sandwich and hearing that crunch. I am working on the heels of the Mr.’s […]


Finally!  A spring day!  The recent storms here have put the kibosh on pollen so it’s been pretty nice.  This morning we planned to play out on the deck but I had to make some preparations first. Boris is a sad sack and I wanted him to have some outside time, too, but he’s always […]

Why I Knit

Beware, a self indulgent post. Between failing at my attempt to be Donna Reed and feeding my hated* for Go, Diego, Go!, I knit. Sometimes I don’t know why I knit. I don’t seem like I have as much time as other blogging knitters. Or as much talent. I never have enough time or money […]

Decade in Review, Part 1, 2000-2004

C’mon, everyone is doing it. What has happened in the past decade? DECADE. Ten years 2000 -had a crush on a boy named James Weiner. -had a cat named Boris -was unemployed -turned down a job at a porn store making $15/hr. -took a job at Meritech Mortgage for $9/hr. I quit after 4 days. […]

The episode in which I get scared to death for nothing

This is what I get for actually cooking tonight. As you can see, my kitchen table is not as much a kitchen table as it is a landfill: I spy… As I walked by, I screamed my head off because nestled in the mess was this: Crouching Ninja? No, Hidden Boris. He ignored me but […]