Photo Dump: Wiener Edition

It all started on a very chilly morning some time last week.  I took Wendy out for a walk and was suddenly overcome with the realization that I have totally been neglecting the opportunity for infinite wiener jokes. I have had this dog for MONTHS now and have yet to make wiener jokes a regular […]

Two things

I like the juxtapositions of being pregnant. For instance, I’ve been having some great boob days: Not pictured: boobies Also, on the down side of things, I am shooting up 3 or 4 times a day: Boooooooooooo Also, I’m grouchier than normal, but no one can tell. I’m just saying.

frat life

I got this book for mah bebe because he’s a freaking genius: It’s cute and made for kiddies but it’s a huge book and kind of hard to read for bedtime. The pictures are fun: I saw this though, which I thought was a bit inappropriate: This is the only picture of Aphrodite like this […]


From time to time, I have to research whether a piece of junk e-mail is actual mail, or if it is a viable advertisement. I was asked to find out about a health insurance solicitation: 1.) The “mom” (I assume this is the mother since it says Don’t go another day without health coverage for […]

boobies again

Junk mail can be so much fun. Once in a while, you find a catalog or flyer that you might actually use. I recently received a clothing catalog for new moms; specifically, breastfeeding moms. The clothes actually look normal and some were cute. But there was one picture that seemed to stand out from the […]

Yet another example…

Of how I am a 12 year old boy. This reminds me of when you first realized you could spell boob with a calculator. Thank you, Gwinnett County Public Transportation. Thank you for making my day even more bizarre.

Pechos Ardientes

So, I found this in the trash can at the gas station. FYI, Pechos Ardientes means Ardent Chests. FYI, ar·dent (ärdnt) adj. 1. Expressing or characterized by warmth of feeling; passionate: an ardent lover. 2. Displaying or characterized by strong enthusiasm or devotion; fervent ex: Burning; fiery. Glowing; shining: ardent eyes. And yes, I did […]