47 Days

47 days until The Girl’s birthday.  The Boy’s birthday was in March and I’m still working on his birthday socks because I’m an asshole.  But he loves me and is understanding…but he’s a master guilter:  ‘Mom, look at these (store bought) socks.  They have holes in them already.  I wish I had some good socks…’ […]

Stuff that (might) not suck

Holy fucksheets I’ve been all gloom and doom lately.  Also, my V key is not working properly, so I will hae to go back and do a lot of manual edits to this post.  Robin’s birthday is WEDNESDAY which means I am totally schizoid.  I’m sad my baby is turning 3, but happy that she’s […]


Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, It doesn’t suck being thirty-three, Happy Birthday to me. My birthday was pretty fucking awesome, actually.  Peaceful for the most part.  I have to say that Joshua is and has always been horrible on other people’s birthdays.  I think he just can’t stand that people other are […]


Saturday was the Mr’s birthday!  He had a great birthday with gifts from the kids and me.  It’s tax season, so he had to work (boo) but only half a day (yay!).  My goal was to do something very special for him for his birthday: recreate his Grandmother’s chocolate pie. To recreate his late Grandmother’s […]

We can all be turds!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHYfuqyTAss] It makes me sad when I like something, and when I tell people about it they look at me as if I’ve had a stroke.  That mixture of concern, pity and horror always rub me the wrong way. Then again, when someone else likes what I like, I feel as if we are suddenly […]


There are some days when you just need to ignore the voices.  Especially when they e-mail you information: In other news, today was Josh’s birthday. It was a GREAT day. Simple is good. Next year we’ll rent out the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, maybe. If I feel like it, right? Pictures to come, but I’m pooped.

No Country for Old Men

So the Mr.’s birthday was a week or two ago and my gift to him was the overwhelming sense of his age. Yay! Winning! Terrible Sheen references aside, I did make him feel old with this: Is there anything I can put here that would make a difference? Here is where things get weird… or […]


Shit I am so impatient. I’ve been dying to talk about my most recent project but it was a gift so I had to keep it under wraps in case I flaked out. I know that sounds bad, but making things for people puts a lot of pressure on you to, oh, I don’t know, […]

Happy Belated Birthday to me, Part 4

I am so moody lately. Wonk, wonk, wooonnnkkk. Anyway, here is the last of my birthday schwag: To me from me: Cheaper and bigger and more awesome than the ones from Knit Picks. They’re huge. Like, HUGE. Clearance pajamas from Target are awesome. That’s not me, by the way. I also got a pair of […]