I heart Sylar

I am always late on the bandwagon, but I am finally hooked on Heroes. In particular, I love Sylar. I just wanted to tell you. He might be my new boyfriend. NO! Kitty! Run! Deviant Art by RobHough South Park’s version of Mahinder, Sylar & Cheerleader amusing tee shirt One of my favorites: Deviant Art […]

me vs. art, part 1

Let’s travel back in time. Not five, not ten, but fifteen years back. To junior high (middle school, for you weirdos) and more specifically, 8th grade Art 2 taught by Mr. Gallo. Good times, when I still felt accomplished as an ar-teest. I found this today while cleaning out my attic room (so called because […]

Junk Art Week! #5

Last installment, two more doodles, both of dogs: I really like that sleepy dog. I want a dog just like that. And Underdog is Underdog. I kind of wish I had a picture of Top Cat to send to bazoo so she can frame it and kiss it every night and dream of their wedding […]

Junk Art Week! #4

These are pretty random… The first one looks like a scraggly cat or a perhaps even a wild animal type cat who is getting is back scratched. He also has no stomach whatsoever. Next to him is what I think is a flat stuffed orange. The girl…well. Your guess is as good as mine.

Junk Art Week! #3

Here are some fancy lads I drew at separate times: The first fella is a character in a story I’ve tooled around with for years and have ultimately given up on. He was a loner type guy who ran away from home. So original, I know, but hey, I was a teenager who wanted to […]

Junk Art Week! #2

Here is a picture of my room. Let’s go over it starting from the upper left hand corner and going across the room to the right, shall we? Stereo speaker, tv on a tv stand. The middle shelf has books like Sylvia Plath book and Dracula, and other unidentified things. I think there might be […]

Junk Art Week!

My nostalgia has hit hard this week with the discovery of a very disturbing and incriminating video tape shot during my last year of high school. So, to commemorate, the next week will show some bad draw-rings I did back in 96-97 in a notebook of mine. To kick of the week, here are the […]

More office slack

While cleaning out old notebooks from work, I’ve found more evidence of my total lack of work and focus: The bear reminds me of this person I knew in high school, but I was never really friends with him. He doesn’t look like a bear or dress preppy or anything, so I have no idea […]

I'm a nerd

Here are two doodles I found in the past few days: This first one I found in a stack of work papers. Apparently I *did* have some downtime at my last job: This is Mr. Dinogator, Esq. Proprietor of jewels, silks, perfumes, and fine furniture. I was day dreaming while having a Warcraft Guild discussion. […]