A Tale of Two Steves

Story Time!  Names have been changed because I’m not interested in talking about other people.  This story is about me–it’s my blog if you didn’t notice. A very, very long time ago, I knew these two guys named Steve Urkel*.  They were friends, and privately I nicknamed them “Good Steve” and “Bad Steve”.  We’ll talk […]

I was going to think of a title…

If you work at PetCo corporate, you get to bring your pets to work EVERY DAY. Yes, that was random, but I’m distracted. I’m watching Tanked and it’s probably my favorite show right now. It’s no secret that I love my fish, but the upkeep can be cost prohibitive. So, until I have a place […]

Artworks of Johnson Tsang

Sometimes I stumble across things that need to be shared with the world, like Artworks of Johnson Tsang.  I only had the opportunity to work with clay for a short period of time (a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, no less) but it was amazing.  I have no kiln or…well, really any […]


1.  Technically, wouldn’t it be pronounced “miss-y” and not “misk-y” like I say it in my head?  We don’t say “misk-ellaneous”. 2. I have hilarious friends.  I have never been surrounded by so much dumb-assery as I am now.  Very lucky. 3. This clip never gets old to me.  NEVER. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f311XTtqPgc] Sometimes, the kids’ table […]

Photo Dump: Blast from the Past Edition, Part 2

Two of my many loves: food and art.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always loved.   1. Ramen, cooked traditionally and then drained.  Peanut butter, peanuts, green onions, lime juice and cock sauce.   No cilantro or bean sprouts because I didn’t have any that day.   2. My dad grew these monsters in our […]

Slow news day

Do you know what this is? We made snakes last week because teacher was tired.  Josh’s snake is the cooler one with all the geometric designs; I colored, glued and cut out Robin’s.

Craig Stephens

I linked his Ruffles painting in the previous post but I wanted to share his website directly: Daily Painting. I think he’s fantastic. He inspires me to paint again. I mean, I’m not going to, but at least I’m inspired! Also, this: Diet Coke 8×10 It’s like he’s in my head!

Today at work, part 2

Just so you don’t think that work is all bad, I wanted to share two rooms that made me happy: Seuss! Another angle of Seuss! Best. Selling. Feature. Ever. Well, for anime nerds anyway. I love love love the Seuss room! If I bought that house, I might make that MY room. Forget the kids! […]

RE: me vs. art, part 1

Here is something I posted on April 29, 2007: Let’s travel back in time. Not five, not ten, but fifteen years back. To junior high (middle school, for you weirdos) and more specifically, 8th grade Art 2 taught by Mr. Gallo. Good times, when I still felt accomplished as an ar-teest. I found this today […]