2,922 days

That’s what the Mr. calculated; I’ll just say 8 years. Today is our 8th anniversary and on one hand, it’s expected and on the other hand, it’s totally unbelievable. I think of all the things the Mr. and I have had to deal with over our relatively short marriage and I compare it to others […]

Happy Anniversary to me!!

Today marks the 4th anniversary of my photo blog. Four years. 1461 days. I was totally unprepared. There are no balloons, no cake, no punch & pie. Though, I did buy some nail polish today before I remembered it was my anniversary, so there’s that. Let’s celebrate! So many! My first picture blog post centered […]

Happy Adversaries

October 25 marked the 5th year of being marred, er, I mean, married. I would have posted a picture of the cake which said “Happy Adversaries: Five Long Years” but instead, I will show you how we party, anniversary style: What, no tax? Nothing says committment like five years, a one-quarter sheet cake, and almost […]