Issei I watched The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief yesterday and I thought it was going to be all fun and games and hahas like Ouran High School Host Club. It was definitely not. Not real?!? This documentary was actually really sad except for the part when they talked about how […]

Death Note

Death Note is awesome and I have been missing it much since it became licensed, and therefore, not readily available. I did find this video this morning purely by accident: [youtube=] Completely awesome and hilarious!

photo dump

So much randomness as usual, but here are some things I wanted to share: What’s wrong with this sign, fellow Grammar Nazis? It’s funny because it’s true! This is a real cat with four ears. His name is Yoda. OMG how young is Billy Corgan in this picture!?! And last but not least, and not […]


I am such a slackass for not updating lately. Between 1.) car accident, 2.) crazy work schedule and 3.) taking on the CIO method for ruining my child, I have been busy. Oh, and I have started working on two yarn projects. But I have no pictures to post of anything I’m working on now, […]

fangirl alert!

ZOMG! I got the most awesome notebooks the other day a few weeks ago! Have I mentioned how much I love Bleach? I don’t just love Bleach, I LOVE love it. Squeeeeee! Jooooyyyyyy! And, as if it could not get any better…IT TOTALLY FUCKING GETS BETTER! Feel enjoy engrish happy time fun!

the anime boy

The other day A few weeks ago, I went out to lunch with Boss 1 and Boss 2 to the nicer Thai restaurant (as opposed to the place I usually go) and there was a guy working there that seemed effeminate to them. They were making fun of him (quietly, of course). He wasn’t gay […]

Hello 1998

Picture it, a one room apartment, 1998. What will complete the decor of the single room that you live out of? Yes, a Poster. Yep, thanks to my complete and utter lack of time and energy I have moved my computer from my office to my bedroom. And, to complete the studio apartment/dorm room feel, […]

welcome to my hood

I couldn’t wait to use the pretty fuzzy wuzzy blue yarn that Molly got for me for Christmas, so I made a Comfy Hooded Jacket for the new one. I was concerned, because the picture shows the baby being confronted by two large bees, and you know how much I hate bees: I went ahead […]


So they are making a live action version of Mushishi, so I’ve heard. You can check it out at the Mushishi Archive at Memento. Here is a comparison of the live action vs. the anime version of Ginko: vs I dunno, I think they could have gotten a cleaner version of Ginko, myself. A paler […]