I have had Tokyobling in my “daily” favorites file for quite some time now and have yet to fully mention it here. Go check him out and his beautiful photography and learn something, why doncha.

Also geek out at all the fun things that endear the Japanese culture to the world. Like this:

Barbarian Penguins at the Gates

Spirited Away

And, in honor of Dragon*Con (that I am not going to AGAIN): Armored Cosplayer

There’s so many more pictures that fantastic but why look at them here? Go now and enjoy!

Post Author: chukichi

3 thoughts on “Japanerd


    (September 7, 2009 - 01:04)

    Ok, the penguin barbarians are the coolest!!! I’ll start perusing that site tomorrow after work 😀


    (July 25, 2011 - 02:02)

    Thanks for mentioning and pushing my blog! Glad you like it! I’ll try harder to make more time to post every day… (^-^;)


      (July 25, 2011 - 08:51)

      I love your blog! I mention your blog all the time and I’m a huge fan of your photography. Thank you!

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