This thing is still about things.  After the big photobucket kerfluffle I didn’t know what would happen to my blog.  It took the wind out of my sails, to be honest.  So I left it alone for a while until I could decide and now here we are.  You’re updated.

I’m sure I’ll update this page as I go, and rework the layout a million times, and eventually hate everything and start over.  But for now, here’s the run down:

chukichi is a bastardization of my name and the Bleach anime/manga character Kuchiki Rukia.  Not Chukichi from Naruto, not the Chuchki people from Russia, not the Chukichi furniture company in Japan.  Just a name that I have been using forever and now it’s mine.

I’m a married, homeschooling mom that works as a social media manager when I have to, a writer that takes no credit for the writing, and all around geek.  I stay up too late either from reading, playing video games, or crippling anxiety.  I’m boring as hell, but glad of it. Busy =/= exciting.

I’m not a nerd.  Nerds are smart.

Bartles & Jaymes & Kermit


All pictures on my site are 1.) mine, 2.) from one of three totally free stock photo sites (Pexels, Pixabay,, or 3.) found on the internet and used under Creative Commons and attributed when possible.