Here we go again!

Finally, some good news!

This newest incarnation of my blog will soon be full of all my old posts.  Sans pictures, unfortunately and in desperate need of proper categories.  Yeesh.  Sucks since it used to be called A Picture a Day.  The decades sure do fly by when you document all the stupid minutiae of your life.  To be fair, I just read an article today about a man that kept a journal to such an extent that he noted his shits.  I haven’t started doing that yet, but there’s always room for improvement.

Last post was the end of July and so much has happened since.   But I have two things pressing on my mind right now:  Fairy Tail fan fiction and an encounter at the grocery store on Thursday.  Hang on to your hats, folks.  Just because I have a fancy new site doesn’t mean the content and quality has improved.

me working on a blog post
Coming up with new content. Why is this even a free stock picture?

First, the grocery store:  I had been hauling my cookies around all day first with the kids, then on my own, then with the kids again.  My original intent of the day was to study at the library and then get groceries.  Didn’t happen that way, and after coming back from the library a second time I really didn’t want to go out again.  I’d been out all day and had already sweat to death twice.  But 4 PM rolled around and I figured it wasn’t late enough to give up on the grocery store, even if my bed is comfortable and the indoor temperature was cool enough to lull me to sleep.

We overspend on groceries.  Mostly on drinks (soda, tea, sports drinks, ice) but also just regular staples that we plow through during the week.  I try to keep it to once a week with a max family budget is $250 per week.  I don’t usually hit that mark unless I’ve slacked off on shopping the previous week.  Food, clothes, cat stuff and school stuff seem to fall under this umbrella budget so more than a grocery budget, it’s my spending allowance.  Which sounds lame, like I’m being handed money rather than working my ass off but that’s a whole other complaint.

Back to the groceries, I was finally done and because I didn’t shop well the week before, I spent to my limit and had a gigantic cart full of groceries.  I was also covered in sweat and trying to load said groceries into the back of my car.  A car pulled up behind me and a woman was in the driver seat asking for my help.  She wanted to know if I could help her and her family because they were hungry.  I will say right now:  I froze and had no idea what to do.  First, I was not afraid, but more surprised at being put on the spot.  I apologized because I didn’t have any cash on me as I hardly ever use cash.  She made that very sad face that you’d expect, glanced at the $250 worth of food I was putting in my car and slowly drove off, looking for another person to ask.  It took all of 25 seconds to realize I could have given her something other than food but then I panicked again.  What if they didn’t have electricity or an oven or were simply scammers?  I felt like an ass and cried but I didn’t go after them.  When I got home, the Mr. felt so sorry for me that he went back to the store (it’s like, a whole mile from the house) to see if he could catch them to give them some cash but he didn’t find them.  He may have lied and said he couldn’t find them, but the important thing is that he did something because I was so upset which is actually pretty nice.

What would you have done?  Because I’m sure that I handled that in spectacular fail fashion.  I could have given them a frozen pizza, or vegetables, or raw chicken.  A bag of pre-washed spinach?  Could have, but should have?  Should I have gone inside and bought a gift card?  I know they could have been scammers, and maybe they’d just blow whatever money I gave them on non-food items or throw away the food (pretty common when people are fake panhandling), but I would rather be a compassionate sucker than a heartless bitch.  Which isn’t really a fair thing to say because it’s not one or the other, but I am more of a sucker than I am a bitch so I guess I’ll have to just leave it.


Now onto the fan fiction.

I know.

The last time I read an actual romance novel was 7th grade.  I finished it during english…?  or math?  Whatever, I finished it in class.  It was a cowboy/gold rush/western period piece about a girl that runs away, becomes a literal whore, and then gets redeemed by a good man.  Yeah…that’s probably why I didn’t read anymore romance novels past jr. high.  And yet here I am, reading Fairy Tail fan fiction.  Reading and crying over fan fiction.  At 3 AM.  Specifically the Gajeel x Levy stories.

Oh, come on, this is cute as shit and you know it.  And Lily is on the mug ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Okay, only the Gajeel x Levy stories.

The ones I’m ready are actually very sweet.  But when someone says fanfic, most thoughts run directly to the gutter and I’m proud to admit that less than half of the stories I read were gratuitous.  I started here and am now devouring his/her favorite stories and authors.  They are really well written and believable with the same tone of the actual show.  I guess I have Fairy Tail on my brain lately since Robin has requested a Fairy Tail theme for her birthday.  Yes, I know FT isn’t for children, and I am censoring parts of the story (in particular, the filler arcs).  And besides, she asked for a cat with wings way before I had even heard of Fairy Tail, so when I got her a Happy, it was easily a year or two before I started watching and reading.  Now that the manga is done, I’m pretty desperate for more and one thing led to another…and here we are. I’m in the 7th grade all over again.


Until next time!

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    (August 27, 2017 - 08:52)

    If the same thing happened to me, I wouldn’t know what to do with the family too. >__<

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