Girl Stuff

Nice, cutesy girl stuff.  Not girl stuff as in the previous post.

First, I’m shitty at updating, so please let me show you an actual finished product:

I made dis.

This sweater has been done forever, but the last known evidence of it was way back here.  She looks so much older, but 8 months will do that to ya.  I did mention that I am on the road to her 4th birthday, and I’m happy to say that I’m not doing too badly on my schedule.

Not too shabby. Quite furry, actually.

The cat tail came out great and I’m actually quite pleased with myself.  I made an i-cord cover for a hair band so I can get some fuzzy ears going.  I-cord.  I-cord.  I-cord.  I had problems with the term “I-cord”:

This is exactly how I felt after an hour of thinking and then trying to look it up. I couldn’t even bring enough words together for Google to help me.

Last year I was a loon and did a ton of handmade stuff for her birthday.  It was definitely something I needed–my Dad had just died and I needed a big distraction. I realize now that I don’t think I even posted the after pics.  What. The. Fuck.  DAMMIT.  HERE:

Her name came out really well. This is actually one of the favorite things I’ve made.
Who needs birthday socks when you have a whole new room?


Mobile made by big brother (and Mom. Mostly Mom.)
The new quilt, new pillowcase, canopy. Her birthday was mostly handmade; this year she’ll get mostly store bought stuff.

The older they get, the more they want store bought items.  *sigh*  I know she’ll be happy for her cat stuff this year.  I really need to get on the ball and yarn these kids up while I can.


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