Nicholas Plath

Sylvia Plath is one of my favorite poets and authors and she always makes me sad when I think about her. I saw this article today about her son, Nicholas Plath, who recently passed away. I find the whole thing very tragic.


I am the type of person who gets their political views from The Colbert Report (just kidding) and my news from The Onion (just kidding) but seriously, it’s embarrassing when I get news from Cake Wrecks. As a small business owner, a knitter, a parent and someone who really likes money, this sucks ass cakes. […]

Misc-y goodness

I saw this on CNN and my first thought was how in the hell…what kind of gun is THAT? Also, I am working on my Uberlist for 2009. I steal this from Disgruntled Housewife who has been doing this since 2001. I think I will call it…wait for it… Chuberlist: 2009.

blame Molly

Mozzolly commented “i dunno why, but that first picture i thought was Al Gore being silly (for some strange reason). in response to my post about our first female four star general. Well, this is why: -or- Not so crazy now, are we?

Two Articles

I love to read the news and I ran across these two articles a couple of months ago. I can’t help but think they might be related: 73-year-old porn star bedazzles Japan’s aged A Family Suicide Risk in US Asians? I’m just sayin’…

life imitating art

I came across this article today on CNN: Brothers admit stealing parts from 244 corpses. All I could think about was this: For those of you who aren’t in the know about all things awesome, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service is a great manga about all things horror/Japanese/zombies.

You Bastard!

I’m so glad we have editors in place to review news articles. See the full article here. Oh my god! They Kenny! You Bastard! See, it’s just not as funny. **UPDATE** Damn, damn. They changed the article a little bit and corrected their goof. You bastards!!