Stuff that Happened, Part 1

February was totally stupid.  The Mr. had a birthday that I can honestly say I can’t remember much of.  The day before his birthday was quite memorable, though. The kids and I got into a car accident. Here’s the best part:  everything has only been resolved and settled as of this week.  Literally 10 weeks to the […]

It's May…?

Well, balls.  So much for keeping up with my life.  EVERYTHING happened since I last blogged.  EVERYTHING. I have been ridiculously busy and for the most part, it’s been a good busy.  Here is a short run down: Josh’s birthday multiple naps car accident ChÜberlist update presents for ME new job home remodel quit class […]

ChÜberlist 2017 UPDATE!

So let’s find out if February was a failure or a success in terms of ChÜberlist completions. What was the list again? Self 1. Lose 10% of my current total body weight. – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I am not even thinking about this. It’s fucking March already, though, so I should do something. OH—I am drinking more […]


The past 9 months or so has been difficult for me and my fish tanks.  The carpel tunnel surgeries put a damper on how much I could work on my tanks.  Between the complete immobilization to the wound healing to working up my grip strength up to an acceptable level, I was letting everything pretty […]


I feel really stupid. I found out tonight about the death of a teacher I had in high school.  I don’t know why I’m so upset about it but I am.  I haven’t seen this man in 20 years and haven’t thought about him much since graduation. I feel like I don’t have the right […]

Field Trip!

This week the kiddos and I decided to go on a field trip to the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir and it was completely amazeballs. I was looking for things in the area to do with the kids that wasn’t crazy expensive -and- was somewhat educational.  When I came across information of the mandir, I couldn’t pass […]

ChÜberlist 2017 – The Year of the Slug

EDIT:  OH SHIT IT’S PAST MIDNIGHT AND NOW IT’S FEBRUARY OH NO! It’s still January!  I’m not that late! Here is my current list conveniently sorted in pseudo categories.  As always, I’ll probably add more to the list just so I can mark it off my list because I like meaningless achievements. One thing I […]

She's Only 7

I want to make light of this and joke that she’s too young to start her emo stage, but holy crap, my baby. My baby. She brought this into my room tonight because she wanted my opinion “if it’s any good or not”. The World The world is mean the world is nice. The world […]