Brain Dump: Surgery

I’m going to have surgery! I’m getting my stupid ass carpal tunnel fixed!  I’ve complained about it from time to time.  Started during my first pregnancy with very, very light swelling.  Apparently, it just focused on that one spot.  If you are not familiar with carpal tunnel, maybe check out this video of open carpel […]


Every once in a while, a song pops in my head unbidden and then I have to listen to the album a million times. Lost and Gone Forever was such a 90’s album.  Even that album cover is perfect. Either Way is a killer.  That whole album was a gem. You were almost kind, you […]

Do It Anyway

Because I always need this kind of motivation but other people do, too.  BF5 just kills me.  With laughter or with tears.  (still my favorite)  I actually blogged this before, but it’s never not applicable. Ben Folds Five – “Do It Anyway” You might put your love and trust on the line It’s risky, people […]


Okay, so maybe I was being stupid.  Maybe?  Yeah, probably.  I know new parents get mush brain, so I should not have worried about it so much.  I’m relieved.  Dumb, but relieved. On the Good Parenting front, the kids are watching Bleach.  AND we’re watching it with subtitles! I’M SO CRAZY FANGIRL EXCITED!  Josh is keeping up […]

The Day-That-Must-Not-Be-Named

Fathers and mothers alike shield their children from it. It looms, growing ever larger by the hour. Minute. Second. Panicked whispers. Just be normal. Everyone, just be normal. Regular day, right? Right? NO NO NO don’t say that! Dear God, you fool! You’ll doom us all! La, la, la, anyway…so much to discuss!  Our house […]